What We Believe

Health Supply is at the forefront of bringing the domestic production of products back to America. 

Health Supply is an American family Veteran owned business located in Elk Grove Village Illinois specializing in the fulfillment and distribution of medical, rescue, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our family owned business has been protecting our customers with a full-line of Protective Safety Apparel, sanatization, and disinfection products. As a family owned business, we have never lost sight of the personal attention each individual customer deserves.

Driving Industry Trends

We believe in quality over quantity. As a family business we take specialized measures to insure our clients are making the most informed decisions possible; even if it’s not the most profitable. Health Supply has respirators for use in professional settings with performance that exceeds standards such as the N95, KN95, and FFP2. Our Duckbill respirator creates a secure fit for use in the most demanding scenarios. Its superior design & construction provides users with the most protection than other designs available.

Investing in America

All profits are directly investing into additional manufacturing lines to be installed and operated in our  facilities in the US. We believe in investment in American materials, products, and workers. Our mission to produce the best products with the fastest delivery time is only made possible by having complete control over the manufacturing processes here in the United States.


2555 United Ln

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


(847) 803-0003


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