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Immortal Warranty Registration

Health Supply and Partners offer a limited warranty on all products sold. Please register your product to confirm your warranty.


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Immortal Warranty

The Health Supply Immortal Warranty

How it works 

Filling out the registration form

Select the correct item you wish to register from the dropdown menu. Complete all fields correctly so if you need to make a warranty claim our support staff can assist you.

Order ID or Order Number?

Every order placed though our website has an “Order Number” which you can find in your accounts tab and your confirmation email.

(example: 1234)

Amazon orders have an “Order #” identification that is a series of digits

(example: 114-1234567-1234567).

After submitting what next?

After you submit your registration we will send you a confirmation email. If you ever experience any problems with your product reach out to us and we will redeem your warranty.

What's covered?

Any and all defects at no fault of the customer will be replaced free of charge including shipping. In the case of a defect we will immediately recycle your product and send you a new replacement.

Immortal Warranty Program?

When you want to upgrade to a newer model you can send us your previously registered product and receive a coupon code worth 25% of the product you want to upgrade to. *Regardless of damage!*

Too good to be true?

Simply put:

We stand by and guarantee our products quality. If you purchase from us we will ensure that you’re satisfied. Use your coupon towards the new Health Supply item you wish to buy, and the Health Supply love affair continues

Satisfaction Guaranteed

For any products outside of warranty, or for damage incurred which is not covered by its terms, the Immortal Warranty Program will give you a discount to use on a replacement or upgrade from our online store. Access to the Immortal Warranty Program has no expiration date and is redeemable at any point during the lifetime of your product.